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I regularly write for newspapers and magazines, including the Okanagan-based publications below, and I am at work on a few novels.


The Good, the Bad, and The Bloody: A weekly health and humor column exploring what’s big in medicine, with a little personal perspective, along with what’s happening in health around my community. Saturdays, City Page; The Kelowna Daily Courier

LOL: A bi-monthly column running in Okanagan Woman, featuring the fabulous books the Ladies on Literature are reading.

Okanagan Woman Magazine: I’m a columnist and regular contributor to the region’s only woman’s magazine, I write feature stories and profiles about the Clever, Classy, Confident women at work in our beautiful valley.

Okanagan Life Magazine: I write feature pieces, often involving health and medicine, and humor columns, for the valley’s biggest glossy, now in production for nearly 30 years.

Copy Writing and Advertorial: I’ve had the pleasure of creating content for the annual Kelowna General Hospital Foundation Report, a glossy publication paying tribute to donors. I’ve also contributed advertorial writing for the Kelowna Profiles of Excellence..

Desert to Desert: For a number of years after my return to Canada from the United Arab Emirates, I wrote a bi-monthly column for Kamloops This Week, comparing and contrasting life in the Arabian desert of my past to life in the arid desert of my then-present. Ten years after my return, I’m at work re-publishing this collection of columns in an online format.

Cake: A young adult tale in the editing stages, about Blitz Torte, a cake-baking-and-eating fifteen-year old in the custody of the Tank, his crotchety, grandmother on oxygen. Blitz just wants to lose some weight and maybe find the father who abandoned the family before his little brother was born, but after he robs a convenience store, the family is on the run and everyone’s life is on a new path. Forced to hide out in Small Swamp with the Tank’s estranged sister, Blitz discovers more than a better body; he unearths a family history rooted in regret.

Don’t Call Me Charming: A work-in-progress, middle grade novel about a hockey-playing teen forced to re-think the rules when she is cut from a boys’ select team and enrolled in her grandmother’s Charm School.