Bringing Our Hands Together

02 Nov Bringing Our Hands Together

Welcome to Free-For-All-Friday, that beloved blog day in which I often digress from the book the LOL is currently reading to discuss anything else I feel like chatting about. And today I’m talking strangers meeting over words and wishes…& the power of faith to help and heal.

Late last spring I had the privilege of writing a Wed to the Med column about a brave boy, now 15-years old, enduring a rare type of bone cancer. Jordan Unrau is my daughter’s former classmate at Dr. Knox Middle School. Inspired by Jordan’s journey, kids at the school held bake sales and wore “Team Jordan” t-shirts in their fellow student’s honor. With a deeply rooted faith, an inspiring sense of humour and literary poignancy, Jordan’s parents, Kim and Darlene, have kept the community up to date with their beautiful blog, Jordan’s Healing.

As a writer, Jordan’s story and the subsequent outpouring of kids and community support, inspired me; As a mother, it broke my heart. I don’t propose to know the gut-wrenching pain and deeply inspired soul-searching this experience has brought Kim and Darlene. In fact, I’ve never met them. But every piece a writer pens touches her, changes her, and in some special cases, stays with her, inspiring her to really live in love and light.

A couple of days ago I came across a note from Jordan’s grandmother, Shirley, left on my website. I’ve since communicated with her via email and while I may never meet this family in person, words have woven their way over the internet airwaves…and wishes have been sent…and I am left to wonder…at this wonderful but bittersweet world we live in and to celebrate what matters most: love. The most powerful message in the Unrau’s story.

Here’s the link to the article

And here’s to Team Jordan may you know you even strangers join you–if only for a few steps–in a few whisper of words–on your family’s journey.

Relish this fabulous Friday, all.