Cutting out on Cutting for Stone

31 May Cutting out on Cutting for Stone

Well, friends, it’s been quite the read.

Cutting for Stone proved to be an epic novel that spurred some outstanding conversation at the stunningly beautiful home of this book’s hostess, Gail. A physician herself, Cutting for Stone–a medical story filled with such vivid description of surgery some members felt queasy–was a natural choice for Gail. But even more, it was the beautiful characters; smart, complex, and poetic in their both their brilliance and their flaws, that seemed to fit the hostess. Gail possesses one of those rare beauties, so natural and comfortable, warm and and oh, so wise, I  love simply to bask in the glow of her enlightenment.  I take something significant away from every conversation I have with this remarkable woman. Generous and genuine, she’s a delight to be around and her crab cakes aren’t bad either! Watch for that recipe this summer!

Along with serving some divine dishes and wonderful wine, Gail shared a special story. The novel makes mention of a particular medical text, called A Short Practice of Surgery. Following a hunch, Dr. Plecash went through some of her father’s belongings and came across his own copy of the book, complete with hand-written notes inside. It’s these kinds of stories that make book club so much more than reading. Here she is (above) holding the beloved find, with Laurie smiling in the background.

And here, to the left, we have Laura, Cindy W., and Bonnie enjoying generous slices of some kind of heavenly banana cake that Laura contributed, set against the jaw-dropping view out Gail’s living room window. Everything about the evening was delicious! And yah, Vikki (below left) might be  grinning because she and I snuck into the kitchen to steal swipes of icing off the remainder of that cake. Meanwhile, Cara (middle) who is training for a triathlon, opts to forego dessert. Now, I have to point out, I am training for the same tri (thanks to Cara and Laura, who told me I had to) but that didn’t stop me from taking down plenty of cake. The great thing about being behind the camera is the lack of evidence of what I’ve eaten. I wish I could justify my indulgence by claiming I’ll swim faster and bike and run further than Cara, but sadly she laps me in the pool–many times over. She’s so strong! Take note, however…nothing can keep the LOL from their wine. Beside her, Kathy (who has completed a number of triathlons  (including a few Ironmen), has both cake and wine on the go, despite the fact her knee isn’t…going. Poor thing just had surgery and is relegated to rest for a bit. Which means she will only swim several kilometers in Kona (only) while her husband completes his upcoming Ironman. Actually, she’ll do more than swim. Her voice will be put to work as she hollers encouragement.

So sadly we bid adieu to another book and another get-together, but never fear, there’s one more to go. June sees us reading Cara’s choice….I’ll see you back here on Monday for the announcement of what we’ll be reading next!