Half way thru the Alphabet

10 Nov Half way thru the Alphabet

The End of the Alphabet is a small book, a short book, really more the length of a novella. I’m at J. It’s a very different read. The pace is restlessly fast, as is the time Ambrose Zephyr has left on the earth. One month. One month to visit

all the places he’s dreamed of going, from A to Z. In typing this last line, I see something…surely it’s not coincidental, the author, CS Richardson, has named his protagonist with the initials, “AZ”…ah….isn’t it wonderful when you figure something out, unveiled a clue the author has left behind?

There are many hidden messages in this little gem of a book. While it is attempts to fulfill the question, “If you had just one month left, what would you do with it?” I have a feeling that month will fly by so fast, the question can’t ever really be answered.

Here’s a link to a nice, short interview with the author by Mark Medley of the Torontoist.