I’m not a Reluctant Reader, Honest!

30 Apr I’m not a Reluctant Reader, Honest!

I have jokingly poked fun at my fellow LOL’ers who come to book club for the wine and the food and of course, the fun. Some of us read more than others. There’s Vikki, consumer of books extraordinaire. A member of three book clubs, she is a voracious reader. I marvel at her ability to make it through, not just one, but three novels a month. Then there’s Gail, who I believe bought all our book selections for the year back in September and by Christmas was crying for more. And we have our cast of characters who read the occasional book, try to come to the meetings, but for reasons like demanding work schedules and even more insistent family commitments and upcoming events, struggle to get through a few books a season.

I love to tease my dear friend, KP, who started reading Cutting for Stone last month, and still isn’t through it, but the truth is, she has the craziest–though most exciting–spring imaginable. Her daughter is getting married next month and KP, along with fellow member, Sheila, has spent the last year planning and putting together the lovely affair, largely because her daughter is also…get this super girl…graduating from medical school this year and moving into her first house! Of course mama has traveled back and forth to Alberta to help out, not to mention organized all aspects of the event to be held here, in Kelowna. She and hubby, David, have also devoted a significant amount of time to their home and yard in preparation for guests and garden parties. If anyone has an excuse for being a little behind in her reading, it’s KP.

Then there’s me. What’s my excuse? I find myself, just two days before our meeting to discuss this book, not even half way through it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t the organizer of the book club be on top of her reading? I’d love to list off my reasons, not the least of which is the sprint triathlon I signed up for. Sorry but I’m swimming instead of sorting through my book,  running instead of reading, biking instead of blogging.

BUT…please don’t take my tardiness as an indication of my feelings about this book…my lack of organization, perhaps, but not a shortage of enthusiasm. Cutting for Stone is exceptional…though long…

So far the twins are still babies and the development of the wonderful Hema and her smitten fellow surgeon, Ghosh, is intriguing and the story captivating. Reading reviews of this book, a number of people complained that it is wrought with medical terminology that slows the pace. I have to disagree. Fair enough…I live with a physician so the language isn’t unfamiliar, but I actually appreciate the truth and learning about medicine. And let’s face it–when you buy a book written by a doctor about doctors, well…

So, I leave you with something exciting. Remember when I was 27% thru (according to my trusty Kindle)? I’m at 31% now!

Interested in a little review singing the book’s praises? Click here:http://bestsellers.about.com/od/fictionreviews/gr/cutting_stone

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