Kudos to My Creative Friends

30 Nov Kudos to My Creative Friends

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
– Anais Nin

 I feel very fortunate to share many wonderful friendships with many different women. Some of my friends are younger than me; some older. Some are mothers; some are not. Some live in mansions; some in humble houses. Few of us follow the same career path. Some are world travelers; others are home bodies. Some love fitness; others hate to run. Most love good food and sumptuous sips of wine. Some are silly and outrageously funny; others are wise and witty. All are taller than me. But one unifying characteristic among my friends–other than hugely caring hearts–is a call to creativity. Like Julia Cameron, author of the beloved The Artist’s Way, I believe creativity is a human yearning; a divine call to expression we all share. Today’s blog is dedicated to a  couple of my creative friends.

Vikki Drummond: Conversations with myself

My fellow Cancerian and friend of many years, Vikki paints her exquisitely whimsical vision of life on canvass. A wonderfully wise soul, her work is young, but quickly gaining an audience. Within the past year,  Vikki has completed a website vikkidrummondart.com, showcasing a growing portfolio, been invited to participate in the annual Kelowna Art Walk, accepted into the Ashpa Naira Gallery in Vernon (ashpanairagallery.com) and in recent exciting news, is preparing for her first exhibit. “Conversations with myself” will be held Saturday, December 1st,  at the Alternator Center for Contemporary Art, here in Kelowna! Please, come out & take a peak at her wonderful work, visit her website, & get to know my fun, funny, and talented friend. Congratulations, Vikki!

Opening Reception
Saturday | December1st | 6– 8 pm
Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art
Suite103|421 Cawston Ave|Kelowna

On display December 1 – 14

And next…another LOL member, fellow teacher, and most hilarious of all, a kindred-not-so-crafty spirit! Bonnie Girouard sent this photo of herself and her marvelous Magnolia wreath with the hilarious header, “Don’t be alarmed, but I did a crafty thing!” In a combined effort with her sweetheart, Tony, who “cut the willow and made it round” while Bonnie “definitely attached the leaves and only pierced the fleshy pad of her index finger once…” Bonnie brought Christmas spirit to their door. Our voracious reader, dedicated Project Literacy Educational Coordinator (www.projectliteracykelowna), fun and fabulous friend, claims Martha never talks about the painful part of crafting, but judging by the beauty on  Bonnie’s door, this wreath was worth the work hazard. Bonnie & her Beautiful Work…Okay, Tony helped…a little…

Join me Monday for more on LOL’s current read, the Gargoyle.