Shaking hands with Richard Wagamese

I will miss the generous spirit & incredible talent of the acclaimed Canadian writer

31 Mar Shaking hands with Richard Wagamese

A few weeks have gone by since my friend and colleague, Richard Wagamese passed.

I sat down to write about him a few days later, ice on my lower back thanks to a muscle strain; a deeper chill gripping my heart. Outside, the snow had turned to a shivery, misty rain: cold the theme of the day. Yet I didn’t mind. It was time to wash away the snow and awaken the spirit of spring and I am quite certain, given his many reflections on the connection between the ever-changing natural world and the shifting seasons of our inner one, Richard would feel the same way.

My bookclub (Ladies on Literature) read two of Richard’s novels: Indian Horse and Ragged Company. If you’ve never had the pleasure, do yourself a favour and pick up one of his books and experience story telling at its best, complete with deep and colourful characters and wonderfully engaging plots, all infused with the wisdom and magic of spirit. Check out Richard’s website for a complete listing of his work:

And please, click the link below to have a read of the column I wrote in tribute to my friend in pen. Travel well and tell stories often, Richard.

Remembering a Canadian Writing Legend by Shannon Linden