The Cancer that Whispers

How one Kelowna woman diagnosed with the Cancer that Whispers shouted back in triumph

23 Aug The Cancer that Whispers

I love meeting new people, especially those with inspiring stories. Kelowna resident, Alison Crawford, is one such gal. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer a week after her 60th birthday, this petite dynamo refused to succumb to sickness and moreover, decided there was little she’d change about her life. “If I only had a short time to live, I decided I would change nothing…I just wanted more of the life I was living,” she says.

Already someone with a zest for experience, she’s traveled the world, worked at a demanding career, raised two boys and now helps care for her granddaughter (with more grandchildren on the way). What wasn’t to love about her life?

“I don’t dwell on the past or plan six years in advance…I embrace every single day,” Alison insists. Maybe that’s how this fit, fun, and fabulous woman found the courage and strength to shout back in triumph when diagnosed with the Cancer that Whispers.


The Cancer that Whispers