Author: shannon

28 Nov
Reflections on Ramadan and Toasts to Turkey

Ah, ostentatious October! How I love this show-off month when the earth delights in decorating herself in jewel toned accessories like a mother of fashion, embracing her new fall line.Graciously remaining emerald green, the lawn glows while all around golden leaves glimmer like dangling earrings swaying...

28 Nov
Desperate Housemaids: Don’t Underestimate these Desert Domestics

As my fingertips flipped through the pages of this week’s Maclean’s magazine, I came across an article that sent my mind tripping down memory lane. The piece was called “Quick! Bag a Nanny”. It described the woes of would-be-wonderful employers for immigrant nannies if only...

28 Nov
Don’t Sugar Coat It: Give me my Cereal Straight

My son has been known to comment that he can’t wait to be an adult—not because he will be in charge of his own life—but because he can then consume all the Fruit Loops he wants. Being a grown up comes with a lot of perks....