Good-Bye To Spanish Fly

12 Mar Good-Bye To Spanish Fly

It’s true, the Ladies on Literature have now completed our fifth novel since the inception of our book club!

 Our latest, Spanish Fly, was written by well-known, highly accomplished Canadian author, Will Ferguson, as you well know if you’re a regular follower of the LOL Blog. A truly talented and funny man, I’d like to pick up some of his non-fiction work, including the popular, How To Be A Canadian, co-authored with his brother, Ian. I think a number of us in the LOL would be curious to see how Mr. Ferguson handles creative non-fiction, the genre for which he is better known. I mentioned in last Friday’s post that all the gals appreciated Ferguson’s talents, found it fascinating the cons in Spanish Fly are taken from real life tales and the author’s own family history, but we did find the middle section a bit long, maybe a little dull, despite the fascinating material. I’m not about to give the ending away, but the pace really accelerates as the book moves toward resolution, and I felt the ending was very well done. More than one member commented she was disappointed in a specific choice Jack makes–something he opts not to do–but nonetheless, those who had completed the book agreed the ending was mostly satisfying, the book a worthwhile read.

Before we completely sign off, I leave you with one of the funniest memories I will have of this book and surely one of the most hysterical events in the short history of our book club.

Loyal readers, Laura and Cindy W, vacationing together in Hawaii, both brought LOL selections to read while lounging under palm trees or sipping mango margs or whatever they were doing when not cycling to wear off all the eating and drinking they were definitely doing…Anyway, Cindy was reading our March selection…which I am not going to divulge because I will be announcing it in Wordy Wednesday’s blog…and Laura was reading Spanish Fly. They ended up trading books (don’t ask why) and long story short, Laura returned to Kelowna, mere days before our meeting, having finished our upcoming book but only half way through Spanish Fly because it was still in Cindy’s hot hands.

Gail to the rescue. Gracious and generous by nature, Gail offered to share her book with Laura. Laura happily agreed but completely split a gut when Gail came out of her bedroom, split novel in hand. I leave you with their beaming faces and evidence of their version of sharing and a disclaimer: In no way does this photo represent the values of LOL members in that we do not necessarily recommend sharing a book in this nature; given our deep  respect for and promotion of the written word, we do not advocate the defacing literature, however, we do believe in laughter…  Until Wednesday, keep laughing out loud! And come back to see what we’re reading next!