Laughter with the LOL

05 Jul Laughter with the LOL

Another LOL Meeting, another night of merriment and moments I’ll treasure. I just adore¬† these women who are so much more than a group of gals I share a love of reading with: they are friends. Without fail, each time we get together, unexpected topics get covered. Of course we eventually get around to discussing the book of the month, but not

¬†before we’ve sipped some wine and partaken of tasty treats. We were blessed with a beautiful summer evening this past Wednesday and gathered around my outdoor table, adorned with delectable appetizers thanks to our new “potluck” format, we soaked up some sun and soothed our souls with sustenance.

Admittedly only a few of us had finished “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” but that didn’t matter. The themes of the book–living life without regret, atoning for past mistakes, and embracing aging with a renewed vigor for life brought about by a determination not to sit idle and let the glorious beauty of being alive pass you by–brought about some great discussion. Which led to some completely irrelevant subjects like wiping out in high heels at your daughter’s boarding school interview and eating frozen icing from the freezer…Exactly what I love about book club. Gail said she giggled all the way home.

Here’s to you, Ladies on Literature! Thank you for enriching my life.

We ended with indecision regarding our plans for August. Should we take a month off? Will Crystal be back to host her book? I’ll let you know ASAP and meanwhile, we have some awesome reads lined up for next season. Stay tuned.

Happy Reading & Many, Many Smiles, OH! And if you’re curious what icing could be SO good you’d be inclined to eat it frozen, the recipe is next.

Cheers! Shannon