Read All About What LOL is Reading Next!

11 Jan Read All About What LOL is Reading Next!

After wrapping up Kathleen Winter’s novel, Annabel, the LOL is heading in an entirely different direction. Not only is our next book non-fiction, it is an autobiography. Not only is it an auto- biography, it’s a sports story. Yes, we’re switching gears–or should I say it’s a whole new racket–OK…not that funny… but here it is, our title for the month, selected by member, Kathy Martyna….

Open by Andre Agassi.

I love that book club encourages us to read out of our comfort zones, to pick up books we might not on our own. I personally enjoy non-fiction, but lean more toward the creative kind, and not so much biographies. And, I know nothing about tennis. Zippo. Just into the first chapter, scores and tennis terms abound. I guess I’ll learn!

My son bought this book for my husband for his birthday, on the recommendation of a friend of mine and her husband, both voracious readers. So far, I’m impressed, not only with Agassi’s legendary talent for tennis, but his writing style too. It’s candid and creative, engaging and intriguing. Did you know Agassi hates tennis? Always has? I expect to concur with my husband and friends, this will be a memoir I will read into the night.

Here’s just two portions of praise the book received:

“The writing here is exceptional. It is can’t-put-down-good.”   Sports Illustrated

“Bracingly devoid of triumphalist homily, Agassi’s is one of the most passionately anti-sports books ever written by a superstar athlete.”      The New York Times

So, get going. Pick up a copy of Open, and join the LOL in our fourth book. I’d love to hear from you and don’t forget to check in Free-For-All-Friday for more…