The Ladies of Christmas

23 Dec The Ladies of Christmas

It’s Free-For-All-Friday but moreover it’s two days until Christmas! Are you ready? I’m not. But then, if you’ve read my blog or if you know me, you’ll know I’m never ready for much. I am a procrastinator and while I desperately try to be on top of things, ultimately I work well just under the wire– just enough stress to press me into action.

But of course, Christmas shouldn’t be about stress, should it? No, it’s about love, peace, goodwill toward men…hey! Maybe that’s the problem! What about the women? We spend so much of our time running around spreading goodwill to everyone from our friends and family to our hairstylists and kids’ teachers, we are more shattered than shiny come Christmas morning.

I laugh–ever so lovingly–at KP’s story. One year, when her kids were younger, the dance recitals, hockey tourneys and school celebrations, compounded with the demands of work and a damn messy house, gifts to get, groceries to buy, meals to make, cookies to create and extended family to entertain, somehow sucked the spirit right out of her. Pushed to the pressured edge of Christmas preparation, in front of an audience of wide-eyed loved ones, she threw her hands into the air and hollered that Christmas would never happen if it weren’t for her. “I AM CHRISTMAS!” she exclaimed as Santa drove out of sight saying, “She’s right. Thanks to Karen, it will be a  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

Of course, KP’s family has never let her live that one down. Consequently she was christened, “Christmas.”  So here’s to KP and all the amazing women I know–my many dear friends, my lovely mom and relatives, and the women I laugh and read with–the Ladies on Literature–who work so hard to bring Christmas to so many: You are much appreciated, highly admired, and lovingly wished good health, good times, and good wine this holiday season. This one’s for you!