Welcome to Wed to the Med!

10 Jan Welcome to Wed to the Med!

Good day and Welcome to my newest work, Wed to the Med…a medical update column of the spousal kind!

Join me as I talk about what’s going on in medicine in this country…the good, the bad, the bloody…and how it pertains to our lives, yours and mine.

 Married (happily, I might add) to Dr. Paul Linden, an ER physician & the clinical trauma director for Kelowna General Hospital, I live a lot of medicine.  Join me for high-interest stories, injected with a little of my personal perspective, and then tell me yours. I’d love to hear from you. The column runs every Wednesday in the Kelowna Daily Courier (starting January 11th) & I’ll blog about it here, Tuesdays and Thursdays (when I’ll provide a link to the online column). For a hint of what’s to come, read-on:

Did you know more Canadians consult the web for medical information than they do for online banking, news, or sports? In particular, teens—notoriously private and protective of their personal space and easily embarrassed about their bodies—are self-diagnosing in record numbers, thanks to the surfing they do from their seats. 

Read my column in the Courier tomorrow,  and check in with me online on Thursday, to chat about my inaugural piece: The Doctor is In–Online.

Here’s to our Health,